Wednesday, April 04, 2007

working on it!

hi! I promise I have been knitting things. I am just way lazy. Plus i am rarely home when the sun is out to take any decent pictures. I have finished the knitting portion of Hush Hush and I have ribbon and strap findings on hand. Now to attach it all and weave ends. I have an entire skein of Gloss left to play with at will. I also finished the knitting portion of my garter; now to sew up and add ribbon and elastic. Which I may wait til closer to do ( so the fit is perfect)

Now to knit flowers! And tomorrow Tucker and I drive into the city to meet AmyKnitty! Yay!!!

I also got a FAB package from Fee!!! Fabulously soft wool in gorgeous varigates, PG Tips LOOSE tea (mmmm! my favorite!) And HobNob Creams! ohhhhh they are goooooooooooood

pics soon.

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Bezzie said...

HobNob Creams? I need so see a pic of those!