Thursday, May 10, 2007

super generosity of knitties!

Last year I knit a shawl for Ana and Ceci's gramma. She LOVES it. Ana hired me to do it, and payment arrived, along with many more gifts! I am running out the door to catch a plane for my first ever trip to VEGAS (back Monday) but couldn't NOT blog this. links and details later, cuz i forget. and i need food fast, heh


Stash yarn Ana dug out for me to play with, the last wedding flower Ceci knit me. A stunning necklace...flower made out of shells! I have many weddings to attend this summer, and this will go great with my dress. Cannot wait to wear it. it's unique and gorgeous!

And the payment for the shawl, some of Ana's handspun! IT's so soft, lovely, even, heavy, and I know the colour is "Forest" but I forget all the details. Will check back with Ana and give you yardage next post as well. It's amazing stuff. mmmmm and then the stitch markers Ana makes that I purchased.

These ladies are SO generous and kind and I love them. Yay Ana and Ceci!!!!

off i go!


Bezzie said...

Ana and Ceci rock! Too cool! Have fun in Vegas!

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Yup. they rock muchly. Gorgeous stuff. Can't wait to hear bout Vegas.

entrelac said...

Hope your Vegas trip was mucho fun and then some! :)

Oh, and the flower in that necklace is an honest to goodness real orchid. Don't ask me how they made it shiny and durable, I have NO clue. But Ceci and I saw it, thought it was effing gorgeous, and HAD to get it for you. :) So, um, belated happy birthday!

Shauna said...

Hey Helen! Good to see you, thanks for the welcome back : ) Congrats on the wedding!!! Shauna(Midge)

String said...

good luck to matt, today i'm just sore, and I'm willing to bet he won't have the bladder issues I had, girl thing ya know.

Bezzie said...
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lillysmuul said...

Lucky you! I love the bamboo and red yarns.