Saturday, February 03, 2007


i tried to play with new blogger templates. but then i do lose my left sidebar, no matter how hard i try. one template has a left sidebar instead of a right one, but I wasn't able to even take elements from each and combine because they were just toooo different in the coding that I couldn't do it. i would like a new look, but it took Trevor ages to figure it out last time. And I think they do a better job of hiding things in the code with new blogger. argh. i just wanna leave blogger. but i won't pay for anything. i do like in the new templates how they have the archive in a "drop down" format. showed that i blogged 40 some odd times last year. not even once a week! but over twice a week in '05. maybe i will blog more this year. who knows. i will certainly knit a lot. i think. ugh.

it is TOO COLD. even for me. temp is -3 at the moment. wind to 20 below. mmm. supposed to be like that 'til Tuesday.

I promise pics soon. really. Hush Hush is six inches from end of stockinette. keep goin!

that's about it for now...stuck with this template for now. i don't really want to give up my two sidebars. too much info. i do like a link roll section i can add with new blogger. it would automatically update the blogs i read in alpha order. then again, i could learn to blog roll from bloglines. but i wont.



Stariel said...


Just wanted to say hi. :)

Bezzie said...

Yeah I'm with you, I refuse to pay for anything. It's the only thing keeping me going with the annoying quirks Blogger has.

Gina said...

I completely understand. I was all set to jump Blogger ship, and then I thought "why pay for an online journal?", so I'm stuck with the annoyances. Good luck on the job interviews.