Thursday, January 04, 2007

and we have a winner!

yay for the first FO of the year! and it's only the 4th day :)

Finished a Coronet for Matt's birthday out of Wool-Ease to match the lengthwise scarf I made him last year.

knit the cabled band yesterday, then today i grafted, picked up, and knit the rest.

it fits nice! so it should fit him. i have a HUGE head. he tried on my yellow one. now we match! hehe

and a quick pic of the finished sweater:

(oh yes. most of you will recognize Matt on the right. he looks like his mom! his bro is the other good-looking guy, and that's their step-dad)
Now to work on Hush Hush!!


MJ said...

Coronet looks great! (you should keep it. hahah j/k)

And my my, Matt's family look so much alike! Both the boys and the mom! Crazy!

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Love the sweater. Perfect fit. I

Bezzie said...

Yay! Another man-Coronet!!! I like the red!