Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Pictures, as Promised!

Okay then, here we go!

The completed knitting of Hush-Hush:

Promise a modeled pic along with all the details as soon as the ribbon is put on. hopefully soon! (forgot to take pics of garter in progress. oh well :p)

Next up, my wonderful package from Fee! These cookies are sooooo good, Bezzie! The traditional HobNob, but in mini form with chocolate cream in the middle! Oh, yum. And LOOSE PG tips, my favoritest tea ever. I am so excited to try loose tea in my nifty steeper thingie from the Container Store. And the yarn Pr0n!!! I never have this kinda photo-age!

Yarn is freedom spirit by Twilleys of Stamford in such beautiful colours! 262 yards total of a light worsted will make me a lovely scarf. hey wait, would it work for a mini Clapotis??? OH JOY! I wonder.....

And last but most certainly not least.... Tucker drove us into the city on a quite frigid, blustery, and snowflakes in the air April day in Chicago..... (SO typical!) to meet Amy!!! I think it was so great to actually see the garments from the book. I dearly want the light blue tiny-cabled sweater out of Rowan Calmer, but it'd need to totally be lengthened, and I don't wanna think of the cost of that...ugh. But here we are, and it was fab to see Kristen again.

I learned how to drive the forklift/picker at work today! The one where you actually go up and down WITH it, to pull boxes of books off of high shelves in the warehouse. Kinda thrilling, actually. We just won't tell my mom. She doesn't like the thought of me using the regular forklift you walk behind to get things down, when i worked at the grocery store. hehe all in all a good day and i'm feeling pretty good =D

and now i need some sleep...when us super-pale gals don't get much sleep, it really shows around the eyes....


Bezzie said...

Oooo! Those *do* look good. Kind of an upscale version of those inside out oreos they sell.

And you got to operate a forklift? Chunky would be soooo jealous!

I love that purple on your hush-hush!

Gina said...

The purple Hush Hush is lovely. I'm looking forward to the model shots.