Tuesday, January 30, 2007

oh, my.

i was at last able to upgrade to new-blogger. i dunno if i wanted to or not, but it seemed like a good idea before they decided to do it FOR me, which you know they will do soon enough. Maybe i will play with the new layout/templates, maybe not. maybe blogger will be less of a pain. maybe, maybe not.

wedding knitting is going well. but there are so many other things i want to knit for me, all from stash yarn. then again, i did want to be a part of the craft fair coming up in november, which would use a lot of stash yarn i don't really want anyway. hmmm, dilemmas. do i actually have time amongst wedding planning, moving, honeymoon, new life, etc, to get enough stuff to fill an entire table at a craft fair? maybe. because i could make some money which'd be nice.

hmmmm. in case you don't read my xanga or post to knittyboard, i have two job interviews thursday. one at the city electric department, the other at a book publisher that i'd LOVE to work at. so good thoughts on those. wil keep you updated.


Bezzie said...

Yeah I'm seriously rooting for the publishing inventory control one. If it were me, the free books would certainly make the math part of the job not so bad ;-)

Good luck on both though! I hope you have to make a decision between the two! (Well, maybe not, that can be tough sometimes!)

Subhuman Superwoman said...

Good luck with the interviews. I know it would be amazingly cool to work for a book publisher. See ya Sunday.

Zanne said...

I'm keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow! Best of luck on the interviews... I'm sure you'll do great!

peri said...

Good luck for today - sock it to em!

mmStyle said...

Good luck with the interviews! Working at a book publisher's sounds cool, and working for the city always has benefits. Mallory