Monday, January 24, 2005

SP HITS! plus Mariah and Raglan

My SP is so awesome!! She sent me a set of CPY bamboo dpns #0 and asked what color sock yarn I want...I especially like colors like #5412 and #5414 here. Anything bright and 'tropical/mixed drink looking' hehe goodness. i had trouble getting this one off the ground. see this?

Yeah. seems when i need to 'continue with pattern from Chart A' I forgot the two side cables. so i had to ladder down four stitches on each side to fix it. I then proceeded to twist one the wrong way. It will stay that way forever now. i then also noticed one stitch of ribbing was knit instead of purled on the right side...drop down 8 million rows to fix that. And this is my progress for one day:

Not too shabby. Needles to say, the Mariah sleeve is not tv knitting, so i worked on my raglan while i watched 7th Heaven and Everwood.

Guess that is all for today. more Mariah work tomorrow I hope :) I am enjoying it, despite my little 'setbacks'.

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