Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Mariah is growing!

Ah. i have prevailed. repeat one done. still pondering how to get enough stitches in before i run out of room since, like most everyone, i am shorting the sleeves compared to the pattern. currently at 74 stitches, need 98, 10 inches down, 10 more to go...no matter what i try i cannot get this in focus, but you can see it is longer:

Even though i have too many things started, and i am running out of Denise cables, i really really want to start on Clapotis so i can have a lovely wrap to wear over my pjs when i am shivering at the computer. so i am now promising myself that if i finish my lovely burnt orange wool scarf in gedifra gigante on size 13 needles, i can start Clapotis. also, if i finish the scarf and tie in the ends on my mittens, i will finally have a matched set of hat, mittens and scarf. and i need a new pair of mittens.

currently on needles:
Gedifra Gigante scarf
Fancy Fur scarf
custom raglan
crochet scarf

not on needles, but need finishing:
sock #2
covered with color mitten #2
front piece of colorwaves poncho
green sweater which i think will be frogged (only front is done)

you can see all those things on my website if you want. i wasn't going to link each thing. so yeah. why not start clapotis? the mitten and sock are good for travel, so i think i will do them when i head back to school. work on mariah and clapotis first, then the poncho. then the raglan. oh wait. must do raglan first as it occupies the 40" cable which would be good for the poncho. oh boy. someone wanna knit some of this for me??

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