Thursday, January 27, 2005

Clapotis is so much fun!

after dropping down and fixing a ridiculous amount of stitches on Mariah, it is a pleasure to do so on Clapotis. this picture is pretty dark, but with flash it was washed out. when it is complete, i promise to go stand outside in the snow and have someone snap a pic. cuz this is my birthday present to myself as the color goes perfectly with a dress i will wear if i go out for a nice dinner LOL hoping that i do. got lots of plans! it's the big 2-1!! yay! february 7th. not much time to go til i am legal! here she is after five repeats of the straightaway:

now wish me luck as i am off to call brandon, that boy i have been talking about on the boards and boring my friends to tears with, i'm sure LOL i don't care the outcome, i insist. i just wanna get it outta my mind

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