Tuesday, January 11, 2005

let the gifting commence!

Secret Pals have been announced! yippee! and i had some changes for my survey my secret gifter got about me LOL cuz i filled it out a month ago.

here they are: I mentioned i don't want to do socks. well, that has changed LOL i love the regia cotton surf colors, and any other fun stripes. i would like something with a wool blend better, i just like how the cotton looks stripe-wise. if i got sock yarn though, i really need just a generic top down sock pattern that works well with the self stripings....help! wear a size 10-11 (US) shoe. i love BRIGHT colors for socks! i alrady own bamboo dpn's in sizes 1-6. all i could hope for are size 0 (Crystal Palace bamboo are my fave!!)

that was it LOL

i already have a bunch of ideas to give to my secret giftee! this is so exciting

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