Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I finally sat down and finished the scarf out of Gedifra Gigante. I now have an actual matching set, all of my own creation. no patterns! go me go :) i love the color combo of natural and burnt orange. don't mind the pjs i am wearing at noon. LOL

And since I finished that, I am rewarding myself with Clapotis! yay! It is in a pretty purple. It's Red Heart. I know some of you are staring slack jawed at that fact right now. This is Red Heart Plush. It's 80 acrylic and 20 nylon. i'm liking the feel of it, and it should be warm! so very soft and i love the color. i have two skeins, so we'll see how long it becomes. will just do about half with the first skein since i know i have a slightly larger gauage than called for.

I am also happy to be using a boye circ, as i needed a break from the denises. these have very nice points!

that is it for now. it was so nice today to just knit. i only worked a four-hour night shift, so i knit the first two sections of Clapotis alllll day :) hence the pjs at lunch time LOL

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