Tuesday, January 18, 2005

as if i needed more projects...

at least i'm not buying any more yarn! But...i have wanted to make myself a shawl, and was digging in my stash to see if i could get by, and i have two skeins of Red Heart Plush which is super soft on the skein. i will knit up a swatch..but it is 80 acrylic and 20 nylon, so it may be nice...and it is enough to make a Clapotis!! i may just have to do that...wich i had something for Cozy, but this will do because the pattern really looks fun

i also got the fibertrends felted ballet slippers pattern i swapped for...and i have lamb's pride on hand...so that is also on my list. i have a lot of 'winter knitting' to do...as in, things to wear when it is cold and i doubt i will finish it all to wear this season, even though in chicago it could be cold enough to wear the stuff until like april LOL we will see. trying to get things done, keep trying to write lists in order...but then i get bored with one thing LOL i will keep ya'll posted. sock progress later tonight?

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