Monday, January 03, 2005

some updates

okay, i updated my website to archive my 2004 FO's. I also realized why i may not be getting many comments here. i enabled it so that anyone can leave comments, instead of blogspot users. sorry about that!

just needed to comment somewhere on my knitting restlessness. i finished Wavy, and couldn't wait to get started on something new. so i started crocheting a scarf for my friend's march birthday. then on my new year's car ride, started crocheting a belt. saturday i cast on the Pixie Hat from Knit Wit, and worked on it today. but now i am also casting on for a pair of socks (my first! can't wait to own wool socks!!) yet i still have a second mitten to make, a front of a poncho and sleeves for a sweater LOL plus two scarves currently on the needles. eek. i love finishing things so why don't i sit down and make that happen??

anyway, off now to finish my journal writing, then start my sock. at least that'll be an easy project to take with to school tomorrow.

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