Thursday, June 04, 2009

Yay for Mail!

I love mail =)

More Mail!

Easy Bakeware: I ordere in April and was still waiting for it to come. I e-mailed them and they replied with "sorry for the delay, it is shipping this week" and it shipped the next day. You KNOW I wouldn't have gotten it if I hadn't asked about it! Silicone mini-muffin pan, and grater with four plates. $1 each!

Got my coupons for free Mars candy bar and free Oscar Meyer dogs. Also another $3 from Pinecone surveys and the Tupperware I bought on eBay (more on that later)

Yup, fun day indeed! Also the Harry Potter udio book for MIL's bday. All three packages were hand delvered to my desk at work :)

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