Tuesday, June 09, 2009

June Week 2 Continued

June Week 2

Yay produce! You can see I used my reusable produce bags! The shop is closed for a bit while she moves (read her blog here, but I highly recommend you order these bags!!

Joe Caputo:
Pineapple: $1.19 each
Cheese: $.99
Strawberries: $.89 each
Broccoli: $.47
Onions: $.21
Mushrooms: $2.15
Garlic: $.09 (but it was sprouting. grrr.)
Parsley: $.14 (first rang as red cabbage for $.12. Void. Rang as Rome Apple for $.14. Whatev!)
Total: $8.39

Bread: $1.50 (price relief)
Milk: $2.50, $1 man q, $.50 cat = $1 earn $.50 cat
So $2/gal, cheaper than Jewel brand for $2.28 this week. If only the dates were better!
Total: $2.59

Wal-Mart: Hubby went for Crystal Light packets. Without asking for a coupon, silly goose! $2. Will send him back with coupons for tomorrow (they expire tomorrow! whew)

Week 2 remain: $26.61
Extra remain: $19.46

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