Wednesday, June 03, 2009

June Grocery Game

So we really need to reign in our grocery spending. We currently budget $250 per month, and that seems like a lot for two people, but we're in the land of no doubles, and a higher cost of living, etc. But really, we shouldn't be going over that. So I'm going with $50/week plus $50 for the extras that come up such as Brita filters and things of that nature.

We're going to keep a running total where we can see it so we can not go over and really decide if we need to buy certain things.

Here's today's spending (haha! It's a big amount...but we'll deal!)

July Week 1

Sam's Club
Matt works late Mondays, so he runs some errands and does sweet things like empty the dishwasher :)
Blackberries: $4.54
Whey Protein Powder: $30.54 (extra)

Joe Caputo
Raspberries: $3.83
Strawberries: $1.28
Mushrooms: $3.18
Eggplant: $.78
Zucchini: $1.38

Eggs: $2.36
Hunt's Ketchup: $1.19, free q = $.03
Purina Kitten Food: $1.89, free qx3 = $.47
Marcal TP: $.69, free qx8 = $.46
Hamburger Buns: $1.70
M&Ms: $.79, BOGO qx3 = $2.46
Save $.05 for each bag you bring in to use
$.50 cat x2 from the milk

Milk: $1.72
Brie: $4.60
Paid with a GC, the Brie is for a rebate $4.49 back, which will be added to grocery budget when arrives)

Spent today: $27.46 Week 1, $30.54 Extra
Week 1 Remain: $22.54
Extra Remain: $19.46

I only bought the M&Ms because you never know how free qs work at Ultra. The TP is reg. $.85 and qs have taken off $.85 or $1 and you have no idea what. This week they were on sale for $.69 and that's what it took off. Otherwise I would have had overage. Oh well! And yes, there is just the two of us and we have purchased 2 gallons of milk and 8 doz. eggs in 4 days.

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Joeli said...

what the heck are you doing with all those eggs?