Friday, June 05, 2009

June Week 1 Continued

July Week 1

Wal-Mart: 1 shaker bottle for protein shakes (not pictured) = $2.62

Glade Candles (to be used as gifts): $1.67 each, had $1.50 coupon in them = $.17 each!
Kashi Waffles: $2.54, $1.50 manq = $1.04
Degree Deodorant: $2.34, $1.50 Target q, $1 manq = -$.16 each!!
Morningstar: $3 each, $2/2 Target q, $1 manq x2 = $1 each
Total: $4.53

Cream Cheese: $.99 raincheck, $1/2 q x2 = 4/$1.96
Over the Moon Milk:" $2.50, $1.50 manq = $1.00
Used two $.50 cats from previous milk purchase
Total: $2.11, Earned $.50 cat on milk

Spent today: $9.26 Week 1
Week 1 Remain: $13.28
Extra Remain: $19.46

CVS: (not grocery bill because I have not paid ANY cah since I started in April 2008, but can help me get groceries!)
Softsoap $7.99 for pump, $3.99 for refill, $2.50 manq x2, earn $4 ECB
Spent $4 ECB and $3.62 on GC. We have a lot of refills, and just used up or large bottle of Target soap (took two years in the bathroom!) This way I can use the refills in kitchen and bath, and buy a new large bottle to refill my 'real' holders once these refills run out.

Jewel is a pain. She had to study my RC to see if I was under the 30 day mark, study my coupons because they were $1 and the item was $.99, I had to point out it was off 2, and so on and so forth. That's why I *always* use self check, but didn't want to with my RC. Ugh!

So, with 3 days to go in week 1, we have $13 left. Saturday is newspaper day, which is at least $2. Need to make sure we always save that much.

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