Thursday, June 18, 2009

CVS and Target


CVS had yet another one of their glitches that was AMAZING and I actually got in on it! Sunglasses are currently buy 2 pair, get $10 ECB. Well, some folks figured out that the "wet naps" for your lenses are $.99 each, but buy 2 get the $10 ECB! And I found them at the first store I went to :)

CVS Ped Egg: $7.99, $2 coupon from e-mail = $5.99 (always wanted to try this!)
Excedrin: $4.49, $1 CRT, $1 peelie = $2.49, earn $2 ECB
Diet Pepsi: $1.49 each, $.50 CVS tearpad qx2 = $.99 each, earned $1 ECB on 2
Dark Reese's : $.67 couldn't leave it on the shelf! I love anything Reese's and dark is my fave, so YAY!
Crest: $2.99, $1 q = $1.99, earn $2 ECB

Used $9 ECB, spent $2.43 on GC and earned $15 ECB! hehe


Normally I'd show you a pic like this and say I spent like $3. Not this time! There were some good deals and not all involved q's and the like, but groceries we needed and some treats for staying on budget so far this month ;)

Dawn: $2.09, $1.50 manq = $.59 (has less plastic and such, but not sure if it's environmentally friendly like the Palmolive, but no dyes or phosphates)
Annie's Organic mac n cheese: $1.82 each, $1/2 IP that will exp soon = $2.64/2 (hubby will be pleased with this!)
Old Spice: $3.64, $2/1 q from P&G year of savings book = $1.64 (not on sale, but only kind he'll use and q exp soon)
Morningstar: $3.09x2, $2/2 Target q, $1 IP x2 = $2.18/2 YUM!
Kraft Cheese and Deli Meats: $2.79x3, but buy 2 get 1 free. no q, but it's basically $5/lb which is good.
Pace Salsa: $2.09, $.50 Target q, $1 manq = $.59

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