Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Catalinas :)


Whew. I love when hubby gets in on the deals!! He gets excited too.

So first I had to rearrange our tiny TINY apartment freezer to see if I could even do the deal!!

Trans #1:
Marie Callendar's Pasta al Dente $2.50 each, $1 manq each ($4 each towards deal)
Healthy Choice Naturals: $2.50 scan and towards deal, $1 q each
This brought me to exactly $25, yay! (They were of course out of Wesson. I must have other dealseekers at my store! Because that is $2.50 OOP, but $5.50 towards the deal!! Great even without coupons, and I did need canola oil)
Water bottle: $2.67 (he returned one to WalMart today for $2.62)
Used $10 and $.50 catalinas from previous deals, total OOP $3.33

Hubby saw the new flavors of Chex Mix, but I said WAIT coupons at home, plus it's the other Catalina deal. So we walked back home for more coupons and my other UPC list haha

Trans #2:
Chex: $1.67 x2 ($2.57x2 towards deal) -$.50/2 q (what a bad coupon!)
Ragu: $1.50 x2 ($1.99x2 deal) -$1/2 q
ICBINB sticks: $1.99x2 ($3.29x2 deal) -$.75 x2 q
Fiber One bars: $3x3 ($3.85x3 deal) -$1.35 x3 q
Used $10 cat
Total OOP: $2.70

We almost did another deal of 5 Fiber One + 4 Ragu, but decided even to donate, we don't need all that stuff. Not worth it.

So for three Jewel transactions so far, we've had OOP:
($2.62 Wal-Mart)
=$16.94 but we still have $10 so that's $6.94 for 29 items, so $.24 each! Love it. GREAT deals, even though we aren't too keen on giving Jewel our money.

Still at $26.62 left for the week. Great produce deals at a local store this week, so more berries on Friday!

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