Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Walgreens for Christmas gifts

So last Friday I went to Walgreens, it being the "double dip days" where the rebate books (which include store coupons) for September AND October were working. I got some things to use as gifts (Pretty Glade candles) and the Trick-or-Treat candy. We live in an apartment that seems to have very few children. It was rather disappointing last year, so bought small bags of things we would eat anyway.

Glade Oil Candles: $5.99 -$2 IVC -$2 manq -$2 rebate = -$.84 for 4
Hershey's Harvest Bags: $2.50 -$.50 IVC -$5 rebate on 4 bags = $2.50 for 4
Rimmel Foundation and L'Oreal cleansing cloths: FAR so -$2.55 for both after rebate bonus
Glade Gel Refills: $1.99 -$1 manq -$1 rebate = -$.66 for 6
Glade Jar Candles: $2.99 -$1 manq -$1 rebate = $3.56 for 4
Halloween Pencil $.10 as filler for coupons
Used $5/$20 store coupon (after all other coupons)
Totals: $40.57 on gift card after $15 in store coupons and $19 in manufacturer's coupons, earned $42.33 rebate.

I also took a quick trip there yesterday to do some RR deals...Might go tonight to see if I can "roll" one into the other. Some people have success, but I've yet to do that at 'my' stores.

Gilette Fusion BONUS pack! $8.99 -$4 manq, earn $4 RR
Gilette Shampoo: 2/$10 -$2 manq x2 -$5 rebate = $.50 for 2
Trident Gum: $1.19 BOGO with in-ad coupon, $.55 manq x4 = $.18 for 4
Oral-B toothbrush: $4.49 -$.75 manq earn $4.50 RR
Halloween Pencil as filler $.20
Totals: $7.26 on gift card (all gone!) $5.77 cash. Used $2.87 store coupons and $6.20 manufacturer's coupons, earning $8.50 RR (spent $4.50) and $5.50 rebate.

Now that I used up my GC though, debating on buying anything more. It's like an addiction, I guess. I bulked up on groceries the past few weeks, so we made a pact to only buy essentials for the next three weeks (milk, bread, eggs, yogurt, lunchmeat, cheese, produce). The point is to save money this month, and also eat what is on hand (which is a lot) but then of course a little part of my mind is saying "so you can afford a few bucks at Walgreens!" Because if I can "roll" my RRs, I can get more razors (hopefully the bonus packs) as gifts, and more toothbrushes. But I dunno...oh well. Tie me down! LOL

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