Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Mother Load!

In the year I've lived in this apartment, I've never been to the K-Mart. It's even a Big-K. I used to love those....we would eat lunch there when we were young cuz we loved it. hmmm

They have been having double coupons lately, but never in my area...but this week I scored BIG TIME!

But the usual CVS and WAGs first, with this PSA:
I highly recommend Hot Coupon World as a starting place for CVS and WAGs. Read the FAQs and you should be able to catch on. I do use a lot of abbreviations here as a friend pointed out, but it is easy (in my opinion) once you know how both stores work and what the deal is.

I was planning to go to CVS, but it was made sweeter when I got a $5/$25 coupon in my e-mail before signing off. I also printed my $.50 ECB for Summer Spending. Always glad it's so small, since it means I spent under $30 for the last three months.
Gillette Fusion Razer: $9.99 $4 manq earn $5 ECB total: $.99
Gillette Venus Embrace Razor: $9.99 earn $3 ECB MIR for $9.99 total: -$3.00
Colgate Toothpaste: $2.99 each $1 CRT, two $1 manq earn $2 ECB on each. total: -$1.02 for 2
Schick Trial Size Razors: 8 packs at $.99, free after manq
Totals: Spent $1.36 GC, used $6.00 store coupons, $13.92 manq, $12.98 ECB and earned $12 ECB for later.

For once, Walgreen's worked like I know it is supposed to, I had employees that didn't try and mess things up or insist they know what's what. Because most of them don't, unfortunately.
I had a $4 RR in hand from the Gillette Fusion I bought earlier in the week.
Picked up an Oral-B toothbrush and two Halloween pencils to not have a negative balance. Used $.75 manq on TB, and pencils were $.20 each. Earned $4.50 RR after spending the $4 I have (which two other stores would not let me do in the past. which is why I was thinking of giving up on RR).
Went to the other register with the Fusion Bonus Pack and one Halloween pencil as filler (RR counts as a manq, must have two items with two manq). Spent my $4.50 RR and used a $4 coupon on the razor. Earned $4 RR.
Did both transactions a second time.
Total? $3.70 cash Plus I still have a $4 RR and coupons to do the TB and razor once more each, leaving me with $4 RR still! These razor bonus packs are perfect for donating, because they have the shave gel and a shampoo. Perfect!

The absolute haul was K-Mart. I gathered my coupons and went in ready for deals. It was just like any other K-Mart. HUGE parking lot with maybe 10 cars. Are they like this across the nation? Because around here they are ALWAYS empty. I found everything I wanted and then some, and tonight have more ideas and coupons of things to go back for. Limit 4 on one item, so I need to go back for more Propel for Matt anyway.
All coupons listed below are then doubled!
Gillette Shampoo: $4 with $2 coupon, 2 FREE
Sunsilk Shampoo and Stylers: $3 with $1.50 coupon, 4 FREE
Pert Shampoo: $2.99 with $1.50 coupon, 2 FREE
Beneful Dog Treats: $4.99 with $2 coupon, $.99 (Christmas gift for FIL's dog)
Glade Carpet Powder: $2.19 with $1 coupon, $.19 (been waiting for a good deal on this!)
Propel: $1 with $.50 coupon, 4 FREE
Ice Breakers Gum: $1.09 each, $1/2 coupon, 4 FREE
Total: $3.55 cash YES!!!

Note to those with coupons like the $1/2...the way K-Mart's register is set up is spiffy for these doubles, but this coupon gave me trouble. Because the item is only $1.09, the coupon only doubled to $.09. But it requires two items to use. Thankfully the service desk guy was just like, whatever, what do I owe you? Gave me my $1.82 back and I was on my merry way.

But my mom bought Halloween candy using $1/2 coupon, but it doubled correctly because a single item is $2. So watch your doubles carefully!

I hope I explained things well enough ;) and I hope I don't bore you knitters out there that don't do my shopping style. But I know I have inspired at least one person to do this. Yay!

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Bezzie said...

I'll be honest, if I had a need for many of these items, I'd be down. Or if I had a reliable place to donate them like I know you do with a lot of your scores. In the meantime I'll just sit here and watch with awe!

But thanks for the HotCouponWorld site--they've got some good leads in there!