Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Dolman Top Progress

Well, Here we have the finished back (rectangle piece), front (rectangle topped with a triangle), and the start of the sleeve (cuff to cuff).

I am a teensy bit worried about the front piece. I think I decreased too tightly, and I'm hoping it doesn't pose an issue when seaming. We shall see. I am thoroughly enjoying this knit, and skein #2 is NOT rubbing off on my fingers, which is a relief. I have a wish of wearing this to a special work meeting on October 30th, so cross your fingers! Hubby says I can do it

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lissa said...

Hi Helen! I didn't see a contact me on your site! i have been compiling a list of the Kmart doubles on my site and I just finished posting my trip from today...lots of freebies! Take a look when you have a chance!