Friday, September 26, 2008

Actually, you can still shop at the grocery store

I just don't shop at the major/national grocery stores as they are just too expensive. I find Dominick's to be absolutely ridiculous, and Jewel less so. But when I read about the $10 Catalina when you buy $25 of GM/BC foods, I was intrigued...then I saw online that buying three boxes of BC fruit snacks gave you a $1.50 Catalina on top of the $10! Then I realized that the "Meal Deal," which isn't usually that great, WAS because I had a coupon on the items! (Granted today they have $2 off the Stouffer's on my Avenu, the stinkers)

Transaction #1

Progresso x6
BC Brownie
BC Cake mix
BC Cookie Mix
Fruit Snacks x3
Fiber One Toaster Pastries
Cheerios x2
Those got me my coupons for my next order
Also go the Mac n Cheese and V05 with their "Super Coupons" when you spend $20.

Used $5.20 manufacturer's coupons. Spent $20.72 cash and earned $11.50 in coupons for my next order.

Transaction #2

Found a display of Glade Scented Oil Refills that had coupons on them proclaiming "FREE" and the sale price matched the coupon max for once! Bought four of those to go with the holders I got at Walgreens this month...
Two of the new V8 soup since it sounds delish (Sweet Red Pepper and a Southwest Corn): 2/$5 used 2 $1 manq

The Meal Deal:
Buy Stouffers, Bread, and Salad and get Dressing and Nuts free ($6 value)
Stouffers: $8.99 -$1
Bread: $2 -$2 FREE coupon from a survey on a reciept
Salad: $2.99 -$.75
Dressing: $2.99 -$1
Almonds: $2.99 - $.55 (coupon on package! Great since it was the only item I didn't have one for)
-$6 Meal Deal Coupon
Total for Meal Deal: $8.66 which is GREAT!
Total for this transaction: $2.87 cash, $8 store coupons, $25.26 manq, $11.50 Catalina

Jewel Total: Spent $23.59 for items valued at $103.77

Thanks, Jewel. I called my mom when I got in the car and just laughed when she answered. "What now?" "I just robbed Jewel"


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