Thursday, October 23, 2008


MMMM. Everyone needs more fiber in their diet. (Unfortunately this post is about the dietary kind, and not the wooly kind) Especially when you are quite literally paid to take it from the store. It's insane. I kid you not.

Here we have 9 boxes of Benefiber sticks, Kiwi-Strawberry flavor. Add to your water, 3g fiber. mmm. We'll see how I like the a day, I could use that! ;)
First off, I got envelopes, which we need, regular price $1.19. Yup, bought something NOT on sale.
Picked up four bags of candy (I need to exchange one, wrong kind for rebate)
4/$10, used 3-$1 coupons, and will mail in for $4 (+$.40 bonus) rebate this month. I also used $6 RR to pay for this stuff, so minus $2.21 for the candy and envelopes.
I then found my $2/1 benefiber coupons from Sunday's inserts. Some were for the sticks specifically, and some for ANY product.
Regular price: $7.99 (unfortunately one of my stores was $8.49. Not sure if that was correct price, but store was closing anyway, and I was rushing through).
Use 3 manq (-$6.00)
Use $5 IVC from the store's Oct. book (takes off EACH one)
Paid $2.97 plus tax.
Yeah, you read that right. The first time I did this the BA (Beauty Advisor) was all excited and exclaiming that I know what I am doing! Fun when they get excited, too. Then did it twice more at two other stores.
All told I spent $14.27 on my gift card and used $6 RR, $21 manq, $45 store coupons.
Earned $24 RR and $4.40 rebate

Paid mucho to ME for taking this stuff from the stores. I LOVE it. Plus tomorrow and Saturday are the monthly "double dip" days. Oct rebate ends Sat, but Nov starts Fri. Makes for some good deals. Woo hoo!

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