Monday, October 13, 2008

Major Update from Last Week

Okay, here goes the catch-up from last week's trips

This is a CVS and Walgreens trip together. At Walgreens I bought a Wisp on sale for $5.99, used a $5 coupon and received a $3 RR. I then bought another Wisp (same deal) and four Lindt candy bars ($2.49 each. Used two BOGO coupons and a Walgreen's $1 on each coupon) so I paid $4.49 cash and earned $6 RR to use next time.
As for CVS:
Paper Towel: $1.99 -$2 CRT = -$.01
Speed Stick Deodorant: $1.99 -$1 manq earn $1 ECB
CVS Vitamin D 120 ct: $2.99 FREE after ECB
CVS Bar soap: $.99 each, earn $1 ECB on each
Vitamin Water: $2.29 FREE after ECB

Another Walgreens trip was to get some refills for the oil candles I bought last week.
Candle Refills: $1.99 each. B2G1free coupon, $1 rebate on each = $.68 for all 3
Lindt bars: $2.49 each, BOGO coupon, $1/1 IVC = $.49 for 2
Schick razors: $6.99, $.99x3. One $2 IVC and 4 $2 manq = -$.04 for all
Pencil for filler @ $.69 and used my $4.50 RR for an amazing deal!

I didn't realize that by using my $5/$30 CVS coupon would cause the paper towel CRT to not scan, meaning they only gave me $1 off and these are awful paper towels...oh well!
Paper Towels: $1.99 -$1 CRT = $.99
Cotton Swabs: $3.49, "100% free bonus" (Two packs taped together) earn $1 ECB = $2.49 for 750 swabs, which we needed anyway!
Bic Soliel: $5.99 -$2 manq x2 earn $4 ECB = FREE
WellPatch: $5.99 FREE after ECB (could NOT beleive I stumbled upon these. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to use my coupon!)
Schick Razors: $.99 each, FREE after manq (as always)
Candy bar for kicks
Spent $4.40 on GC (yes, more than I'd ever want to spend, really. But I didn't want the hastle of taking the paper towel off the order, etc. Plus, it's still my free gift card anyway)
Used $17.98 ECB but earned $21.24 ECB
Value of items: $28.38

Promise, post of terms and FAQ soon. Just takes time. I should be working ;)

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