Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Never have I seen anything more lovely.....

OH MY GOSH!!!! You knitty people never fail to impress. Your kindness and generosity just goes SO FAR!

so one day Ana asks me what color purse I would like. And lists some fabrics. And so i get this:

wow wow wow!

it is even nicer in person. she is an amazing seamstress, not to mention knitter!

it gets better...

This is a lot richer in color in person, but my camera stinks. trust me, it's fab. and although she didn't say, i am positive it's handspun and hand dyed by her. WOW, i say!

THANKS SO MUCH ANA!!! hey ana....Joeli says you two have the same phone, and i peeked at the picture of your desk in your photos and we have the same pencil case. i love tupperware!


Ali said...


I am envious (in a good way) of you. That bag is B-E-UTE-TE-FUL! I love the lining. Man, I gotta learn how to do that. Love, Ali

Anonymous said...

where did you get the free fresco pattern? bought 13 balls for $25 incl. shippingand don't have a pattern. just had to have