Monday, May 16, 2005

whattsa matter for you, hey! itsa not so bad....

yeah. that title is polka. yay!

anyway, should i go to the doctor?

lately i have trouble wanting to sleep, even though I am tired. well, that's not exactly it. because if i went to bed, i would fall asleep. but i have too much to do. so much homework, so much other stuff, just LIFE. it gets in the way, no? This has been one of my toughest semesters at school, which is odd since i have had harder classes before. There is just too much due and not enough time, which is, of course, my fault. but i cannot seem to work on it. any excuse i can find to not do homework is a good one...i don't care what it is. plus i am ALWAYS hungry. which i think stems from not enough sleep. your body wants fuel any which way it can get it. i've been hungry like this before, but it usually goes away. and i get headaches every day.

so my first thought is ADD. which i might very well have, because from speaking to friends who have it and really just hanging out with them, i think i might exhibit some of those qualities. but there has to be something else. or can this keep my mind so busy i don't want to go to bed either? I think it is mainly just a mind block...NO, you have too much to do! you can't sleep. growl.

enough self-diagnosis. whaddya think?

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