Wednesday, May 18, 2005

in response to being sick and my faithful readers...

yeah. i need to stop self-diagnosing. considering today i woke up with a full nostril cavity (wait, that implies only one side. scratch that. but not literally) and a sore throat. yum. right now my head hurts. but i have water and an orange and yogurt for lunch. yippee! that'll make me feel better.

as i admire how Lisa responds to comments, i will now do so:

Joeli said (just not here): you are fine. you worry too much. stop it.
i love you, too, dear ;)

Laura said: Sounds like normal stress to me. Personally, I wouldn't go to the doctor but I avoid going to the doctor as much as possible. And I agree. no doctor for me unless i am dying. sounds like stress to me, too.

Jaclyn said: Whatever it is, you're not alone. I've been feeling that way too. Maybe it's some sort of natural aging thing that happens to us 21 year olds
Must be it. we are OLD *giggles*

Rachel said: crap. i closed the comment window. anyway...try meditation or whatnot! i'll send you fun things!
Rachel, when you get that silk, we can work something out. No incense, thanks :) doesn't do much for me. but i have a special something for you :) :) :)

the school library is having its first annual book sale with books starting at 25 cents. think i'll go take a look-see

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