Sunday, May 22, 2005

no more blood and gore

if the last post was for Missy, then the next post MUST be for Joeli. She told me she was tired of seeing my thumb every time she clicked on my blog. i don't know why she could keep coming back to my blog, other than that she loves me. So here I am, just typing away so that my thumb will move futher down the page and she won't have to look at it. Speaking of, it now looks like nothing. I heal very quickly. only problem is this is right where my thumb bends and so now that it has the slightest scab forming, it means it is inelastic and when i bend my thumb it pulls and hurts. hmmm. speaking of my thumb anyway. at least she doesn't have to look at it. and did I mention she TOLD me this? yeah. not just in chat. ON THE PHONE! my uncle says we have unlimited long distance on our cell phones so he said to TALK AWAY! even though he says he doubts I have any friends. so yeah. nice way for him to treat his favorite neice, eh? then again, I am his only neice LOL

for those of you who came here to see what new knitting I was speaking of, erm. sorry. my sock is coming along good, but no pics. no pics of anything. most all of my schoolwork is due this Wednesday, so i will then have lots of free time to knit. LOTS OF FREE TIME! which means I may also sleep a lot. thank goodness!

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