Saturday, April 30, 2005

Wild and Wooly Wally-World

eh...not like they have wool. but it sounds cool.

Wal-mart had their new yarn section all set up.
Caron 'Fabulous' and 'Feathers'
Lion 'Incredible' 'Suede' and 'Moonlight Mohair'
Red Heart 'Kiss'
Bernat 'Disco' and 'Envy'
plus new colors of Red Heart Plush and Caron Jewel Box

i broke down and bought three skeins of Suede in Garnet to make this, which i have wanted for a while. Plus a skein of Plush in blues and greens for $1.25 on clearance. yay! first time i've bought yarn all year...tee hee!


monkeemaven said...

Astros own j00!!!

monkeemaven said...

Heh, I'm having fun commenting in here. Wasn't the 5th inning the BEST?