Wednesday, May 18, 2005

post for monkeeeee

i got a huge papercut on my thumb at work today. papercuts (usually from cardboard) are the norm. but this one....*yeowch* and she wanted a pic. you know her. i'm looking at it and realize i have a huge flap of skin on one side, so i take my manicure scissors and snip away (i love doing this) and then see a short black something stuck in there, so I grab some tweezers...and i'm all better, with a neon pink bandaid, since my bro was in my bathroom and i couldn't get to my winnie the pooh ones. my camera is a small cruddy one with no macro, so this is what you get:

and i made this crappy little rendering in paint, to show monkee the kind of man's sweater pattern i am looking for. set-in sleeves, open/split collar with toggle button and fold-over collar. plain and simple. any ideas?

why didn't monkee mention the Knitty surprise is up? nothing for me though. maybe i should check out the board more often and learn these things. i bet they are griping right now. oh wait, did i say that out loud?!?

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