Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly Trips, Part 2

Yesterday I stopped at 4 Walgreens in total, making three purchases, and one totally failed attempt that made me think sometimes it is more trouble than it is worth. But in the end, I had a really nice cashier who was impressed by my shopping.

I printed $3/1 coupons for Robitussin. Went to the store, bought three bottles for $3.99 each, earned a $10 coupon on my next order. Did that a second time at another store. Turned around and used my $10 to buy Crest toothpaste ($3.79) and a water pitcher filter ($6.99) both of which are FAR this month, so I paid with a coupon to get money back on the rebate ($11.86).
Totals: Spent $8.42 from my gift card, earned $20 RR and $11.86 on my gift card. It's almost too good to be true.

(I didn't take a photo as I gave out the Robitussin to moms at church, since who doesn't need a bottle of cough syrup? kept just one for the picture would be empty...hehe)

The first store I shopped at, usually the friendliest people, argued with my about the RR not printing, etc. Saying that the manufacturer is paying for the RR so DUH they won't print an RR if I use coupons...riiiight. So why'd the manufacturer give me coupons, hmm?

One more trip today...I still have $14 RR to use. Some people are allowed to use one manufacturer's RR to pay for a deal that prints an RR from a different company, but not my stores. So I have to buy other things. I'm planning on a shampoo and chapstick that are both FAR, and also Kleenex that I desperately need.

Yay shopping! I love providing for our needs, so that we don't run out of something essential like shampoo and have to run out for a bottle. I also have an abundance to donate, which I really like. We have always donated items, time and money in the past, but we'd never be able to give so much if I didn't take the time to shop like this!

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