Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Knitting Update

Today I am home sick, so I will take a bit of time to knit on my Lace Leaf Pullover (all Ravelry links). I'm posting from the library at the moment (yes, home sick means I can run to the grocery store and the library. We need veggies) and I checked my account and Knit So Fine is ready to be picked up, which means I can get ready to knit my next project, but not until I finish Lace Leaf. I'm going to knit the Dolman Top which is the only project that jumped out of the book and said I needed to make it. I bought yarn at Stitches and am all set, Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Seduction in Obsidian. Very exciting to knit a "higher end" top...since the yarn was so costly and Matt was like, "how much???" "but it was half off! and I have been so good using yarn from my stash!" "okay..."

I need to plan a baby project for a baby coming in December to a couple who have had such difficulty getting to this stage. I don't think they're finding out ahead, so I'm thinking blanket as I don't think I have any yarn to make a unisex sweater.

Pics soon, promise! The pics of Lace Leaf WIP is not flattering due to the construction. heh.

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