Thursday, September 04, 2008

Simple Amusement

I know that some of you like my "frugal shopping" posts, so here's yesterday's deals:

At CVS I got:
2 Colgate $2.99x2 -$1.50 manq x2 earned $4 ECB
5 packs of cashews $.79x5 -$2 CVS coupon x2
2 Dasani water $1.49x2 earned $1 ECB

So I spent a $5.79 ECB I had, $.46 on a gift card, and earned $5 ECB for next time. Not too bad!

Then I went to Target. I added it up afterwards, and realized I had $25 in coupons. I saved more than I spent, and have lots of lunches to bring to work for the upcoming cold weather since I really like a warm lunch those types of days.

Steak (Boneless Chuck..they look nice!) $3.25 and $3.73, $2 store coupon on each $2.98 for both
Butoni Pasta $3.14 each. $1 store AND $1 man. q on each. $2.28 for both
Del Monte Harvest Selections (yummy, 2 veggie servings each) $2.49 each, BOGO coupon x2, $4.98 for 4
Easy Mac individual serving bowls $.70 each, $1/2 man. q x3, $1.20 for 6
Archer Farms Trail Mix, sale for $.80 each, $.50 store coupon on each $.60 for both
Glade Plug-ins Oil Warmers, $3.94 each, two $4 man. q, -$.12 for both
Total with tax: $12.94 That's crazy good, in my book. 10 lunches, 2 steaks, 2 pasta meals? Craziness.

Oh yeah, the amusement? I send for lots of free product samples. Every so often it'll be for a men's deodorant or body wash, etc, so I put Matt's name on them so he gets some mail ;) Well, got home late Tuesday night and had a package slip. Matt worked later Wednesday, so he was able to go to the office to see what it was. We weren't expecting a package, so it was a surprise. He calls me up at work to let me know what it was...I answer, he says, with this little upset/incredulous voice, and I'm totally picturing his face...

"it's a roll. of. toilet. paper."

I bust out laughing.

"In your name, huh?"

I had totally forgotten I sent this in his name. But seriously, who could resist a free roll of toilet paper, especially when it brings such joy? I about died laughing. Made my entire day.

Now, off to a big meeting, then the airport for Toronto for work. Back tomorrow. Super busy next four days!!

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Bezzie said...

Oh yum! Cashews! That's a good deal for those expensive nuts!

I'm excited--I put in for that TP too I think. It's a whole roll?? Awesome!