Thursday, September 18, 2008

Deals of the Week

Yay for Walgreens! This month has been quite exceptional. Granted, I've been spending cash, but that counts as groceries, and I then turn around and buy more things we need with the gift card, so it all evens out.

Transaction #1:
Softsoap $2.99 $2.00 in-ad coupon x2 = $.99 each
Colgate $2.99 $2.00 in-ad coupon $1 manq x2 = -$.01 each
Trident $1.49 $.50 store coupon $.75 manq = $.24
Lypsol lib balm Honeyberry $1.99 FAR this month = -$.20 after rebate

Transaction #2:
Glade Plug-ins $1.99 x4 BOGO manq x2 $1 rebate on each = -$.42 after rebate
Reese's on clearance for $.40

Totals: Used $8.50 in store coupons, $6.73 in manufacturer's coupons, spent $6 RR. Paid $4.18 cash to earn $6.59 on rebates

Softsoap was bought to even out # of items with # of coupons (a pain at Walgreens) and Reese's bought on a miscalculation. Still good deals. If I had had the Glade coupons on me during the 1st trans, could have bought it all at once and NOT bought the Softsoap, which we don't need, but will use.

Monthly Totals: $52.55 in total coupons used, $26 of RR, spent $14.70 on my gift card, and $17.89 cash to earn $52.28 back on my rebates.

Looking forward to a CVS trip tomorrow. They sent me a $5/$30 today, which may not sound good, but when I use things that are free with manq to bulk up to $30, it helps out. Yay!

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