Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knitting...with actual photos!

Yes, it is true. I would have updated yesterday except, silly me, first time using a USB cable with a camera...thought I could bypass the whole transferring pics from SD to flash at home so I can upload here at work. But I plugged it in, and realized that duh...the photos are on the SD card so trying to read the internal memory doesn't do a lick of good. So here we are...

Yeah, about 2 more inches were done last night before choir practice. Lots o free time on Wednesdays! This is the back of the Dolman Top from Knit So Fine.

Close up of the pretty colors. Except the concentration of black dye in the yarn means the stripes on my fingers from where I wrap the yarn is par for the course. Alas.

And this is what makes knitting completely worth it. Joy on children's faces. Happy 2nd Birthday!

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jpknits said...

You're really moving along on that sweater! Are you enjoying the fabric - the drape, particularly?