Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick Tar-jay Run

So on Sunday, Target was giving away free reusable shopping bags to the first however many customers. Now, I have plenty 'o bags, so that's not a deal I would run for, but I figured they would be out pretty quickly. They open at 8 on a Sunday, and we went after church (so closer to 1pm) and they still had them, so yay!

Picked up two Tidy Cats. I *always* buy it at Target, even if it isn't on sale because they have an amazing price on a huge 35lb bucket. They were on sale for $11.79 or so, and if you bought 2 you got a $5 GC. I used a $2 store q and $1 manq x2, so great deal, plus the $5 and a free bag!

Target 4/22

Today I stopped in with my Glade coupons that were able to be printed again!
Reynolds recycled foil: $2.50, $.55 man q, FREE rebate = make about $1 on it :) worth the stamp
Glade Soy Candles: $5.79 x2, buy 2 get a $5 GC, $4 manq x2 = again, more than free!

Used my $5 GC from Tidy Cats to pay, plus $1.30 cash. still have $5 GC and will get a $2.50 rebate on foil =) Plus, these candles smell amazing when burning. I've had the apple and the orange vanilla (mmm, dreamsicle!)

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