Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jewel Special Sale

April Fool's Jewel

Jewel had a one-day "hurry in!" sale, no rain checks. Well, there was good enough stuff!

Mann's veggies: $.99 x3
Eggs: $.57x2 (why yes, I DO have 4 dozen eggs in my fridge!)
Sara Lee lunch meats: $1.99/half pound. Bought two pounds total to freeze for the rest of the month.
Jewel cheese: $.99 x2
Spent $16.13

Also last night we got me a new coffee maker at Target, this one, since I did need a new one. Matt doesn't drink coffee and thought it too expensive. But I was able to plead my case by what all features I liked and how it was good for me. We had our own cars as we had come from church (we both go straight from work due to location) so I left with the other groceries while he paid for the coffee maker. We get home and he shows the bag of Cheetos he bought at checkout, since I wasn't there. I say DUDE had a $1 Target coupon, would have bought you I teased him for 'wasting' $1. Silly boy!!

April Grocery Goals coming next!

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