Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go CVS, go!

CVS 4/22

Transaction #1:
Act mouthwash: $3.79 x2, $1 manq x2, earn $2 ECB each
Purex: Used my RC from last week for $6.99 BOGO, PLUS my 2 BOGO coupons! = that's FOUR free detergents! I left 2 bottles with my youth pastor, will give the other 2 to another family at church.
One-a-day vitamins: $10.29 x2, $4/2 manq, earn $4 ECB each = $8.58/2 (not too bad!)
Used a $5/$30 coupon that came in my e-mail today, spent $12.48 in ECB and $5.34 on GC. Earned $12 ECB total. I didn't mind using that much of my GC because I needed vitamins anyway and it's a better deal than going to a different store and using straight cash. I still have a balance of $24.23 on it, and another $30 at home LOL

Transaction #2:
**Machine printed out a $2/$10 CVS purchase AND $2/2 nuts :)
CVS kleenex: $2.59 x2, $1/2 CRT
Fruitopia (CVS) shampoo: $2.50, $1 CRT
Cashews: $.79 x3, $2/2 CRT = $.37 :)
Used a $3.99 ECB and $.10 on GC. teehee. Manager checked me out and was like "can't beat that!"

So yeah, it's like I 'lost' $4.47 in ECB (because I spent that much more than I earned), but I'm supposed to get $10 from a CVS survey I did (should print this week). PLUS, next week there is a "spend $20 earn $10 ECB" on a whole page of items, including Zyrtec D, which my uncle uses, but of course 24 come in a pack, you're only allowed to buy one per month, and his doctor has him take two a day. So I buy them once in a while for him to have enough. So it is $19, use $4 manq and buy a band-aid for $1 use $1 q and earn $10 ECB. I just pay cash for these, so I get $10 ECB 'free.' Except I already bought a box this month, so hubby has to get it LOL

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