Monday, April 06, 2009

Freebies in the mail!

This i why I love getting the mail:

Mail 4/6

"Free" bakeware from Easybakeware...all you pay is $1 shipping, but I haven't been charged yet...did one in my name, one in Matt's, both arrived. Yay! Round cake pans! You can do it every month, so this month I sent for a mini muffin pan and a cheese grater. We'll see how that goes! When you sign up for $1 shipping, you are enrolled in a club, but you can cancel online with a few clicks of the mouse, and print confirmation and you aren't charged for it. This is exciing!

Got samples for Gain fabric softener (from Sam's Club) and Old Spice has a new bodywash (WalMart). The Wal Mart samples are the best because they arrive in under two weeks, always. Not like other samples that say 6-8 weeks, and take so long you forget you ever signed up for it. Much like the instant Cream of Wheat sample I just got today...that was a long time ago!

Also had an envelope from General Mills. Saw this on my mom's fridge yesterday and wondered where she got it from LOL I'm wondering if we got it from Pssst since that is GM...who knows. Didn't sign up for it, as far as I know. Plan your weekly menu and your shopping list. Fun! I really should create menus since we want to use up stockpiled food this month (and spend less in general).

Also, got two-$25 Amazon gift card 'codes' from our bank rewards program. It isn't the best and the customer service is just plain awful. Took us since October 2007 to earn this much. It's only because we got all of the bonus points (first bill pay, check, debit purchase, credit purchase, etc) that we even got this much. "Cost" 11,000 points for $25, and I figure we earn 500 per month. I think we will get $25 more before we close this account when we move. ugh. to laundry and dishes, and also clipping and sorting all of those coupons that were in yesterday's paper! 5 sections, and none next week due to Easter. I also took a CVS Advisory survey yesterday, asking me questions about the Walgreen's and CVS ads and earned $10 ECB that will print the end of the month. Great!

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