Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dominick's Catalina Deals

Wow! I'm used to doing these deals at Jewel, but Dominick's is slowly becoming my store of choice, espeically with only a week left of Jewel allowing expired coupons!
Check out all I got for only $17.71 cash (well, using my free gift cards, that is).

Dominick's Craziness

Summary of deals: Spend $30 on select (over 3,000!) items and earn a catalina for $10 OYNO, through 5/5. Also, buy 2 Bertolli Premium pasta sauces and earn a $2 OYNO. Surprise: Buy Starbuck's coffee and earn $1.50 OYNO! I saw a lot of great ideas by reading this post on I love seeing what people do in their area! We each get such unique things, and yet overlap such as the Bertolli. You HAVE to watch for these overlapping deals to make the most of it.

Transaction #1:
Kraft Deluxe: $2.50
Kraft Mac n Cheese: $.59 x3, $1 off WYB Kraft Deluxe
Safeway Salad Dressing: $2.79, FREE store coupon
Wasa Crackers: $2.49, FREE manq
Rubbermaid Bottles: $3.99 x2, $6 certificate from Rubbermaid from a complaint I had
Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce: $2 x4, $1 manq x4
Oscar Mayer Deli Creations: $2.50 x2,FREE + $1.50
Total: $11.19 on gift card. Earned $10 + $2 x2
All items were of the $30 deal, and the point was to start me going!

Transaction #2:
Kraft Mac n Cheese: $.59 x2
Bertolli Premium Pasta Sauce: $2 x8, $1 x2, $.75 x6
South Beach Bars: $2.50, $2
Skippy Natural PB: $2.50, $.50
Electrasol Tabs: $3.99 x2, $2.50 x2 from tomorrow's paper ;)
That was all for the $30 promo, then needed rest for my $10/$50 coupon
Safeway Salsa: $2.50, FREE store coupon
Progresso Beef Broth: $2.50 x3, $1 x3
Mission Tortillas: $2.29, FREE store coupon, $1 manq
Mission Chips: $1.88, $1 store q, $1 manw Shelf said $2.99, so I got a GREAT deal here!
Safeway Frozen Veggies: $2, FREE store coupon
Dominick's Tote Bag: $.99, FREE store coupon that took off $2!
Total: Used $4 in catalina I earned previously, spent $4.29 on GC. Earned $10 + $2 x4
ARGH! The self check froze. Sheesh. But I had the BEST guy helping me. Even though the service desk manager was yelling at him to open due to lines, but he was obviously helping me and the other self-checkers. She announced for people to step over to lane 3 and unload, then yelled at him again. So he had to take all of my bagged groceries and go over to the register and let me "cut" in front of the others, I felt bad for them but oh well. So I think he took off more coupons than he should, plus with all the craziness I don't think I even had exactly $50, but it worked out in my favor in the end.

Transaction #3:
Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers: $2.50 x4, $1 x4
Crisco Spray with Flour: $2.99
Starbucks Coffee: $8.99, $2 store q, $2 manq
All Small and Mighty: $4.49 x2, $2 x2
Total: Used $10 and $2x4 catalinas, spent $1.38 on GC. Earned $10 and $1.50
I did this at self-check and it worked, but a few coupons wouldn't scan so the same guy fixed it up and wondered if I bought stuff to get all these $10 yadda yadda. He was impressed!

Transaction #4:
Safeway Bacon: $6.99. But for 3 pounds, Thick Cut, Hickory Smoked deliciousness? YUM
Ghirardelhi Chocolate Chips: $3.85 (rip off!!)
Total: Used $10 Cataling, spend $.85 on GC.
Saw me doing this one, and he joked "$.85...can you handle that?" LOL He was so cool. Never had such great customer service at Dominick's. Even when he had that manager yelling at him.

So what's the bottom line?
The regular shelf price total would be $174.78. However, with coupons and using some of the earned Catalinas, I spent just $17.71, of course with a free gift card. I still have $10 and $1.50 left in Catalinas. That's basically a 90% savings overall!

Also, the Bertolli, Skippy and All count for the Unilever deal where you buy $40 of product, and a ham or turkey up to $20 free! I'm $4.52 short, so my mom will probably do a few Dominick's deals this week, plus buy a ham. Then we will split the ham. So that makes the deal even sweeter!

Hope this inspires some of you to go on out and shop!


Gina said...

Wow, Helen, you did great! Thanks for linking up at Moneywise Moms. Can't wait to see what you buy next--or do you not have any room left in the fridge?

Bezzie said...

Dang woman!!! I wish I could pull that off--very few stores out here have self-checkouts and I don't think the humans would really dig 4 transactions!

Amanda said...

My local Dominick's doesn't have a self check-out...can you believe that? I was wondering, does the Catalina work on the sale prices or the shelf price? Thanks, Helen!

susie said...

Which Domincks did you go to? The one in my neighborhood are really grouchy (Lincolnwood area).....

Helen said...

@susie: I find Naperville (Raymond/Ogden) the best! I also went to the one at Cass-ish and Ogden in Downers Grove (which is where the super nice checker was)