Friday, April 17, 2009

Back in the Game!

So yeah, I was sad I had used up my Walgreen's gift card, but thankfully I had a coupon from them so I could transfer my prescription there this month. Right when I got it I did a quickie of 12 Mentos gums ($1 each, $1 coupon ;) ), one more Glade candle and 2 spices on sale for $.50 each, so paid $1 + tax

Walgreen's 4/16

Yesterday I stopped in for some deals :)
Splenda: 2/$7, used $3/2 manq so $2 each (Splenda is my fave! I've been taking it from Starbucks when I go LOL)
Colgate toothbrush: $3.29, earn $3.50 RR
Scunci hair elastics: $2, earn $2 RR (hoping to use these at Dominick's this weekend! Yes, they are manufacturer's coupons)
Necco Chocolate Marshmallow eggs (Love these!) 4x$.24
Peeps 2x $.37
$11.52 on GC, earned $5.50 back on RR, not too bad, considering my Wag's days are almost over with the rebate ending this month...

CVS 4/16

Then I hit up CVS, where the deals were HOT! First off, I asked the manager if I could use my Catalina's that had printed out at Jewel for BOGO Sobe Lifewater, because they are in fact manq's and just say "redeemable at" and not "redeem ONLY at" and only say Jewel because they printed there.

Transaction #1:
CVS Cotton Swabs: $1.50 (needed them, good price)
Colgate 360 Toothbrush: $3.99, earn $3.99 ECB
Softsoap: $4.99, used $1 manq, earned $4.99 ECB (like I need more!)
Sobe Lifewater: $1.69 BOGO, limit 6, used 3 BOGO coupons = FREE
Paid $.96 on GC, used $9 ECB and earned $8.98 ECB

Transaction #2:
2 more Sobe for FREE
1 more toothbrush
RC for $3.49 shave gel, earn $3.49 ECB
Spent $.12 on GC, used $$7.48 ECB and earned $7.99 ECB
Rainchecks are great because they round up to the nearest dollar, meaning my $3.49 ECB printed as $4. Love it! woo hoo

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Amanda said...

Great shopping! I definately prefer CVS over WAGS. I wish WAGS would go to a similar system.