Friday, November 21, 2008


I stayed home sick yesterday...ugh. Just a general weariness/yuckiness etc. I had bound off the Hemlock Ring Blanket Wednesday night. Yesterday I finished knitting the sleeve of my Dolman top, and seamed the bottom front and back on one side. Once I seam that, and the sleeve seams, I can pick up stitches for the ribbed band that connects the sleeve pieces to the bottom pieces, and also around the neckline. I can't wait to wear this! I love the fabric it is creating, even with size 3 (I think...and 1 for the ribbing!) needles.

Next up: I think I'll do the "Back to School" vest in Fitted Knits. I think I just may have enough of the yarn Ana spun for me in exchange for me knitting a shawl...might squeak by. Need to see where I can conserve yarn on it.

Also, the library got in the new MDK book, and I am definitely in love with the Daily Sweater. I may even have enough yarn to do it...I was thinking my Berella "4" that I have stashed could be perfect. We shall see! All of a sudden I'm on fire for knitting. yay!

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