Friday, November 21, 2008

Final Catalina deals

Last week I picked up 10 boxes of granola bars.
Chex bars: $3 each. Coupons: $1.25x1, $.60x5
Curves bars: $3 each. Coupons: $.75x4
Used $10 ConAgra Catalina.

Paid $13 and change for 10 granola bars, got back $15 (3x$5) and FREE gallon of milk (actually just a $4.50 coupon!)

Yesterday I ran out to Jewel. Unfortunately, these $5 Catalinas actually do say "one per purchase" on them, so I had to play by those rules.

Transaction #1:
Milk: $1.99
Pillsbury items: $2.50 each, buy 5 get free 1lb butter
I bought: Flaky Twists, chocolate. $1.00 x2
Crescent rolls, reduced fat. $.55 x3 from tubes!
Got free butter ($2.77 value)
Paid with $4.50 milk Catalina, $5 Catalina. $1.67 cash!!! Great deal!

Transaction #2:
Philly Cream Cheese: $.99 x4, $.50/2 x2
Simply Orange: $3, $1 Catalina I had
Used $5 Catalina, paid just $.12! That's tax only ;)

Still have one more $5 to use. This is fantastic! The cream cheese and crescent rolls are for an appetizer I will make for an ornament exchange, so getting holiday goodies for free is great.

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Bezzie said...

Holy crud, you get some good Catalinas!!! Here I was all excited about my $6 TP from a catalina this week! LOL!