Monday, November 03, 2008

Jewel Trip 11/2

Jewel has been treating me well lately with their amazing deals, if you play them right. I'm still made because I just found out they extended their prescription program (to Jan. from Nov.) of buy 5 get a 10% coupon...uh, 10% off is NOT a deal to me because I DON'T shop there. It also means they decided not to give out GC with a transfered prescription, so they will not have our pharmacy business for many months!

Jewel was offering $15 OYNO when you spent $30, so I sat down with the ad and my coupons and made a list that happened to total exactly $30 (without me specifically trying that!). Thing is, I read my receipt afterwards and I did NOT spend $30...turns out the Progresso soup that in the ad was 6/$10, and how I planned my trip, rang up at $1 each. So I was short $1.34 and still got my coupons...still can't decide if you would get the deal on regular prices without your prefered card, or if the coupons are a 'prefered deal' and you wouldn't get them? hmmm. Too hard to figure out.

Ragu: 6/$10 (bought 4), 2-$1/2 manq
Progresso soup: $1 each (bought 2), 2-$1.10 printables
Macaroni Grill entrees: 3/$10 (bought 2), 2-$1.10 printables
Taster's Choice sticks: (not part of deal, had FREE cat) $1.29
Progresso Broth: (I LOVE this stuff!) 6/$10, bought 7 5-$1.25 manq (from Pssst...) 2-$1 manq
Knorr Veggie Sides Plus: 6/$10, $.75 manq

Value: $50.06
Coupons: $17.69
Cash spent: $12.79
Got: $16 in OYNO coupons. $1 "Holiday Buck" when you spend $25. I'll take it ;)
So they paid me $3.21 to buy all those groceries! Yummy. Need some soup recipes!!

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