Monday, November 17, 2008

Jewel ConAgra Catalina Deal

Jewel (and many other stores) had a Catalina deal this week for spend $20 on ConAgra products, get $10 on your next order. I have been wanting to try these new Healthy Choice meals, so went for it, on the basis that the $20 is on regular, non-prefered card price and NOT the sale price you are paying. It worked! Matt and I went and he was impressed as well, and gets to actually see how I work these deals.

Multiply this picture by two, and that's what I bought on the cheap this week!

Transaction #1:
5 Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $3 on sale (non-prefered card: $3.95)
2 Orville Redenbacher popcorn $3.49 BOGO
non-sale total: $23.24
sale prices paid: $18.49
Coupons used: $1 on each item, total $7 off
Paid $11.91 cash, $10 printed out

Transaction #2 & #3:
Same items and coupons as above, but used $10 catalina each time to pay $1.91 cash each time.

Transaction #4:
Same items.
Fresh Mixers coupons: $1x9, $.75x1
Popcorn coupons: $1x3, $.40x1
paid with $10 catalina, and $2.76 cash

Subtracting the $10 catalina I still have, that's ($1.91x3)+$2.76 = $8.49 for 28 items, or $.30 EACH! Once again, this is the only way I shop Jewel! haha

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