Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Jewel Trip 11/3

And so concludes my success at Jewel. Three stores, three transactions, and I am DONE. Frankly, I'm tired of it, I have no more coupons, and I got $46 free, so hey...good deals.

Transaction #1:
Chex cereal: 4/$10, bought 2, -$1/2
Progresso broth: 6/$10, bought 2, -$.50 x2
Macaroni Grill: 6/$10, bought 2, -$1, $1.10
Knorr Veggie Plus: 6/$10, bought 3, -$.60 x3
BC Cookies: 6/$10, bought 2, -$.75 x2
Total cash: $1.35
Used: $15 catalina from last transaction. I had to FIGHT to use them. The FE manager would only let me use 1, stating 1 per order, yadda yadda, and I pointed out the wording "May be combined with other coupon offers." Still no go. Takes off one coupon, I pay. Grab ad and go up to service desk to point out that the ad states "Save $15 on your next order". It doesn't say "Save $5, three times!" She stated the coupons said "do not double" uhhh, using more than one is not "doubling." How long have you worked at a grocery store? (I personally know she's a long timer...used to work at same store as her, but don't think she recognized me.) She got tired of arguing and took the other 2 of my coupons and gave me $10 cash. Heard her tell her assistant "I'll call once she leaves" so of course I hung out around the corner to hear her state her stupid reasons and say she was tired of me. haha. This is one reason I dislike Jewel... the customer service is generally poor.

Store #2: FE manager tells me sure I can use them all, and if I have trouble, give her name...that's why her name is on the wall. Now THAT is service!
Transaction #2:
Cheerios: 4/$10, bought 1, -$1
Skippy: 4/$10, bought 4, -$1/2 x2
BC Frosting: 6/$10, bought 2, -$.55 x2
Chex Cereal: 4/$10, bought 2, -$1/2
Cash spent: $1.29, used $15 cats
My new $15 did NOT print, told her yadda yadda, works on regular price, just did it at a different store. Bless her heart, she believed me even though she said it shouldn't work that way (duh, but that's your system...). She rescanned my order and my coupons came out...because she scanned 4 creamy PB rather than 2 creamy, 2 chunky. Assuming the chunky PB is NOT in the system. She also scanned one frosting twice, and not sure which flavor but assuming White because in my NEXT transaction, stayed away from PB but bought chocolate frosting...mistake!

Transaction #3:
Cheerios: 4/$10, bought 8, -$1 x7
BC Frosting: 6/$10, bought 1, -$.50
Celestial Seasonings tea: 2/$7. Yes, ridiculous, NO coupons...but Walgreens has not had this flavor, nor any other Jewel, and my brother loves it. So got it as his birthday gift, but worth it.
Total cash: $6.82, used $15 cats
Wasn't going to argue...going to assume the frosting was the culprit but did not want the complete hastle of having them rescan my order with a different frosting flavor...surely they would NOT understand that not all eligible items are actually in the system..I'm happy with $46 free dollars in catalina coupons, food to help out our church which is starting up a food pantry, and groceris to last me through the winter.

Grand Totals:
Value: $154.78
Sale Price: $105.98
Coupons used: $38.19
Store catalinas: $46.00
Cash: $22.25
Total of 49 items, so it's an average of $.45 EACH! Plus we will use cookies as Christmas baking and the Chex to make Muddy Buddies, YUM!

Yeah, things like this are the only reason I will set foot in that store.

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