Sunday, January 04, 2009

Year-end Savings Review

Here are my totals for the year for Walgreens and CVS.

As for Walgreens, I didn't keep track of the value of the items until a couple months ago, but have actually been doing their rebates actively since February. I can't totally calculate my savings due to that, but will just give an overview:

Cash outlay: $105.61
Gift cards redeemed: $257.20
Register Rewards earned: $125.50
Total coupons redeemed: $490.87
Rebate earned: $263.21

CVS I was better able to keep track of things from the beginning. I began in May and haven't stopped since. However, I have learned to not buy things just because they are free, and to really try and get the items we like at a good price. We are also able to try new things because of the deals. I have donated a TON of items and also used a lot for gifts.

Cash outlay: $0!!
Gift cards redeemed: $107.92
ECB's redeemed: $578.72

CVS coupons used: $131.49
Manufacturer's coupons used: $298.20

ECB's earned: $639.57
Items purchased: 393
Value of items: $1,310.71

To sum that up, I got $1,310.71 worth of items for $107.92 'cash' (gift cards that I earned from transferring prescriptions). That is a savings of $1202.79 or 92%!! This is $.27 per item. I can't wait to see what this year brings!

Happy savings! =)

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