Wednesday, January 21, 2009

CVS Trip 1/20

CVS 1/20

Well, I had $36 in ECBs expiring yesterday, and while some stores accept them once they expire, not all do and I don't want to play with it.

(I'm going to add a post about how rainchecks work at CVS, which will be in the sidebar. I will hopefully remember to come back to this post and link to it as well)

CVS Claritin, 5 pack: $3.79 each, $3.79 ECB back
Gas-X: ($5.69x2) - $1 manq x2, $5/2 CRT, = $4.38 for both
Ragu: $1.67 each
L'Oreal: free with raincheck, plus they are BOGO so they paid me $7 to take them.
Benefiber: free with raincheck, plus used $2 manq
Complete Contact Solution: Free with raincheck
Rubbermaid water bottles: BOGO50% $4.49 for both, and I needed a water bottle for the gym
Listerine Smart Rinse: $5.29, earn $3 ECB
Excedrin Express Gels: $1.99, used $1 manq, $1 CRT
Old Spice Shower Gel: $4.49, $1 manq
Old Spice Deodorant: $3.29
Herbal Essences: $6.99
Pantene: $4.99x2, used $3/2 manq

Basically this store rings the items up at full price, then deducts a store coupon for them. So I could still use manq's on them. However, I didn't know this until he was ringing me up, so I couldn't use all my bucks in the first transaction, plus I didn't use any coupons as I was so flustered. Otherwise I could have bought $9 more of stuff. But I look at it this way: I spent under $3 on my gift card for things we need (hubby needs more deodorant, we need the meds and ragu and water bottles). I did spend $36 ECB and only get $11 for next time, but it is still money not spent from the grocery bill!! If they ever get a corporate policy all shoppers will be thrilled!

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