Sunday, January 04, 2009

New Blog Button

New Year, New Me!

haha. Or so I hope. Definitely some things I need to change, and while I don't always make 'resolutions,' I do need to work on a few aspects of my life.

So I needed a blog button for the name change (which I never really announced!) but I am now known as "Helen Knits and Saves" rather than "AngelKnits." I figured Elizabeth could either do it or would know who could, and she suggested her son, Owen. He made me one in no time flat. I appreciate the simpleness of it; goes with my theme of paring down and saving money and all that jazz ;) I'd recommend him!

Blog Button

I'll drop it in the sidebar and feel free to save it and use it as a link!

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Ceci said...

Save a knitter? Knit a saver? Like the new button. Hey, just wanted to tell you too, remember that zig zaggy navy/pink/vari blanket you crocheted for me as a baby gift? Gigi has been using it as a wrap almost daily this winter. Thanks again for it. :)